Room Rentals in Stanley Park

Room descriptions

Salmonberry Room has over 1,000 square feet of space, and with seven large windows it is full of natural light.  It is a perfect venue for day workshops, meetings, parties, evening functions and seminars. Details.

Heron Room is on the third floor of the Pavilion. With 500 square feet of space and equipped with a kitchenette (microwave and sink), it is perfect for small meetings, classes and workshops. Details.


Photo: Michael Schmidt


Amenities in the rooms

  • Folding tables and chairs
  • Pull-down projector screen (Salmonberry Room only)
  • Chalkboards (Salmonberry Room); whiteboards (Heron Room)
  • Coffee / tea urns available at an additional charge
  • Wheelchair accessible. Chair Lift available to the second floor (Salmonberry Room only)


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Salmonberry Room
  Size of room Seating Capacity

36 feet x 30 feet = 1080 square feet  (100 square metres)

45 people seated;
24 at working tables

55 standing

SBR03Room hire at Stanley Park








Heron Room
  Size of room Seating Capacity

540 square feet  (50 square metres)

15 people seated

25 standing








Photo: Michael Schmidt

Photo: Michael Schmidt