Exploring Approaches to Teaching Outdoors – A Workshop for Teachers

Join SPES educators for an experiential, educational and inspirational workshop either in beautiful Stanley Park or at a greenspace near you. Increase your knowledge of ecology and learn ways to teach outdoors while engaging your students in nature. Learn field-tested activities and techniques that you can apply right away and use in local parks or on your school grounds.

If you have never taken students outside on an educational adventure or don’t do it regularly, this workshop will give you the tools to do so with increased confidence. The workshop is geared towards teachers and student teachers teaching at a primary to intermediate level and will include links to the BC curriculum at this level.

Workshops in Stanley Park take place on Pro-D days in spring and fall. Check back here later for links to workshop dates and fees, and to register. You can also request an online or in-person workshop at Stanley Park or at a Greenspace near you by emailing school@stanleyparkecology.ca or by calling 604-257-6908 ext. 103.

Next Teacher Workshop: October 21, 2022. Book here.

Photo: Paul Chiu (SPES)

Urban Stewards CD – 12 Ecological Units for Teachers

*We are working on creating a PDF version; please check back soon for updates on availability.

What do Incredible Invertebrates, Far Away Foods, Climate Change Culprits and Keys to the Kingdom have in common?  They are all lessons that can help turn your class into Urban Stewards!

The Urban Stewards teacher resource CD is packed full of engaging activities that help bridge the gap between indoors in the classroom and the world beyond.  Lessons require minimal preparation and will help increase your students’ environmental literacy.

Download a sample lesson here!

In 2016 a new curriculum was introduced to BC’s kindergarten to grade 7 (K-7) education system. The renewed science curriculum has strengthened its emphasis on environmental education, ecological literacy, and inquiry-based learning. Due to these updates, the Urban Stewards CD is more relevant now than ever –  designed for grades K-7! See how the CD connects to your grade here.

The Urban Stewards CD contains 12 complete units.  Topics covered are: ecosystems, habitat, water, soil, plants, experiments, invertebrates, vertebrates, biodiversity, natural resources, sustainability and climate change.

Each unit includes:

  • curriculum connections to science, social studies, language arts and personal planning
  • comprehensive background information
  • glossary of terms
  • annotated resource lists
  • ready to use worksheets
  • school based action projects
  • detailed instructions for engaging hands on activities

The Urban Stewards Teacher Resource CD is available for $20. Contact school@stanleyparkecology.ca or 604-257-6908 (ext. 103) for payment options.

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