Our Adoption Programs

Contribute to wildlife monitoring, stewardship and long-term protection of the biodiversity of Stanley Park through our adoption program. Individuals, companies and organizations have an opportunity to safeguard the ecological integrity of Stanley Park with their choice of adoption: $54 for a Great Blue Heron nest or $3000 for one acre of Stanley Park. 

Adopters join over three decades of support for collaborative research, innovation and ecological advice.  Every adoption helps preserve Stanley Park as a natural greenspace for wildlife and people alike.

Adopt a Heron Nest

(suits individuals)

A great blue heron. (Photo: Don Enright)

Nest adopters receive

  • A Certificate of Adoption
  • Printed information about Stanley Park’s great blue herons
  • Updates on the status of the heron colony and your nest throughout the season
  • An annual heronry report
  • A tour of the heronry for the adopter and a friend each spring and summer
  • An “I Adopted A Nest” button
  • A tax receipt


Adopt an Acre

(suits corporations and business organizations)

A red cedar in Stanley Park (Photo: Don Enright)

Acre adopters receive

  • A framed certificate for your office to recognize your support of habitat restoration in Stanley Park
  • A year-end update of habitat restoration progress in Stanley Park and a tour of selected restoration sites
  • Logo placement on the SPES website in the Sponsors section
  • Logo placement in our annual report as a significant SPES supporter
  • A tax receipt