In addition to our programs for schools and the public, SPES offers a set of online and in-person programs just for young eco-stewards!

Join us for our “Critter Club” online series where children connect with each other through SPES educators who bring the natural world to your home throughout the year! Or join us for “Critter Club” in-person for a chance to learn more about the local environment all while taking in the beauty of Stanley Park!

Curious about any of SPES’s past online or in-person Critter Clubs for your club or classroom? Email to find out what is currently available to book!

Critter Club Online

Join us over Zoom!
A screenshot from a SPES online Critter Club

Do you know any children who are captivated by creatures? Hungry for hummingbirds? Bananas about bees? Wild over woodpeckers? Or dead set on diving into the world of ducks? SPES is running our THIRD Critter Club Series!

Starting March 30th, 2022, SPES educators are offering an interactive online club for children who are passionate about animals, want to learn more about them, and want to help protect them. We will explore wildlife in Stanley Park and around us through art, activities, short presentations, Q&A, and more! The club is open to new participants and children who have attended previous series.

Critter Club offers young minds a place to grow their curiosity, meet other like-minded children, and have fun!

Clubbers will meet once a week, over four weeks, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. over Zoom and will be offered an optional exciting activity to do on their own! Activities will be based around sustainable living and learning how to protect our precious wildlife. Participants will have a chance to share and showcase their individual activities the following week.

Participants can sign up for the whole series or just join for one or two sessions. If Wednesday mornings are not suitable and you have a small group interested, let us know and we can figure out a time that works! Email us to inquire further at

Below are the weekly themes. Click on each theme to find the event page for each week.

Week 1 –Heroic Hummingbirds

Week 2 – A-Buzz for Local Bees

Week 3 – The Dashing Ducks of Stanley Park

Week 4 –Wild Woodpeckers

VIP Pass – Four Week Pass

Ages: 9-13**

Platform: Zoom

Dates: March 30th – April 20th, 2022 on Wednesdays

Each session includes the following:

Welcome, group sharing, short solo activity, learning sessions from SPES, and an introduction to an optional activity for after the club!

**We welcome youth outside the suggested age range (younger participants should be accompanied by an adult to help with tech support) but programming will be designed for 9–13 year-olds. Parental guidance for younger children is advised.

March 30 Week 1: Heroic Hummingbirds

Ever wonder how hummingbirds survive the winter? Or how they manage to eat enough to keep those buzzing wings a flutter? Join us as we explore the different hummingbird species in BC. We will learn about local populations and all the wonderful adaptations that keep these unique and marvelous birds present year-round.

April 06 Week 2: A-buzz for Local Bees

Bees have been all the rage in recent years. As climate change has made us more aware of the importance of bees, the popularity and understanding of these amazing insects has grown. Come with us on a journey to understand the types of bees native to BC’s south coast. Learn about solitary bees as well as colonies and how you can help these important pollinators be all that they can be!

April 13 Week 3: The Dashing Ducks of Stanley Park

Local waterfowl are some of the most interesting and colorful animals in this part of the world! Stanley Park is home to many species that live here year-round and many others who stop off at Lost Lagoon and Beaver Lake during their migration. Dive into the fascinating world of ducks as SPES educators help you identify different species and understand all the evolutionary adaptations that let these creatures survive tough conditions.

April 20 Week 4: Wild Woodpeckers

Ever wondered what’s up with Woodpeckers? How do they manage to peck such large holes in trees without getting dizzy? And why do all the pecking in the first place? Come find answers to these questions and more as we delve into the world of these charismatic woodland creatures. Learn about the different species of woodpeckers found in Stanley Park and what makes each of them unique.

Participants can join for the full four weeks (VIP Club Pass), or individual days. Or, book your own afterschool Critter Club: inquire at Click through to purchase tickets for session descriptions and to see all ticketing options.

Critter Club In-person

Kids participating in an ivy pull at Stanley Park
Photo by Justine Kaseman/SPES

Our online Critter Clubs have been so much fun that we are now offering sessions in person.  More information coming soon!


Future Clubs

Got an idea for a new club or critter club topic that has not already been offered? Drop us a line at to discuss your idea!