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Urban Wildlife

Raccoon in Stanley ParkIn Vancouver, there are plenty of opportunities to see wild animals venturing into gardens or down a busy road. From garbage-raiding raccoons to skunks under your shed, frequent contact with humans makes these animals bolder. Conflict between people and wildlife in the city often results when urban wildlife lose their fear of humans and begin dwelling on people’s property.

If you are having problems with your wild neighbours, please see our Other Wildlife resources for low-cost, humane methods for successful co-existence. If you have encountered a sick or injured animal, you can contact Wildlife Rescue Association of BC.

Our Co-Existing with Coyotes program aims to reduce conflict between people, pets and coyotes through research, education and advocacy.

SPES runs a variety of birding programs and is working closely with a variety of partners on World Migratory Bird Day celebrations taking place each May.Spotted Towhee in Stanley Park

SPES – working for wildlife

SPES seeks to inform the public about wildlife management and works to enhance natural habitat for some the animals that co-exist with us on a daily basis. We currently have active projects involving the monitoring and management of wildlife including great blue herons and bald eagles nesting in the city. We also work regularly with the Vancouver Park Board to provide information for the successful management of wildlife through Best Management Planning.