Mila Bozinovski

Joined Board in July 2023

Mila is a passionate entrepreneur, community steward and philanthropist, acting as the connective tissue between people, culture, nature and technology. Her love for the natural world, empowering others and curiosity around growth have allowed her to explore her passions within web3, holistic wellness, systems design, and sustainability as well as personal and professional development.

After years of developing her management role within corporate spaces, Mila quickly found her love for people and how we organize. Her passions combined with her understanding and skills have allowed her to expand her services in consulting and leadership coaching, working alongside organizations and individuals looking to step up and embrace change to achieve their desired outcomes.

She continues to explore the integration of blockchain technology by building and championing models of regeneration, equity, collaboration and other values-aligned community initiatives.

Together with her community and team, she hopes to help build a world around creating meaningful impact and developing healthy environments. Above all, Mila envisions a world where we can foster a feeling of belonging and deep-rooted care for one another and our natural spaces.