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3 September 2023 @ 9:30 am 11:00 am PDT

Location: Nature House

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In-person Program

Led by biologists Catalina Gonzalez and Christopher Di Corrado, this walk will introduce you to the birds found in Stanley Park. See birds like great blue herons, red-tailed hawks, and belted kingfishers while meeting other Spanish speakers and sharing in the outdoors.

This program will meet at the Stanley Park Nature House on Lost Lagoon. Please try to arrive 5 minutes in advance of the program.

This program is a part of the Birding with Me series, collaboratively organized by the Canadian Wildlife Service and Stanley Park Ecology Society, and supported by Birds Canada.

Un poco acerca de nuestros guías

Christopher Di Corrado

Soy un “nerd” de las aves, biólogo y guía de vida silvestre. Soy guía en Ecuador o en la Antártida. Estaré muy contento de estar en tierra firme, ayudarlos a buscar pájaros, y hacer nuevos amigos. Crecí en Ontario, me mudé y viajé por Sudamérica donde aprendí español, ¡y todavía estoy aprendiendo! ¡Espero verlos y practicar español!

Catalina Gonzalez

Catalina es una bióloga de Colombia que actualmente está cursando su doctorado en la Universidad de British Columbia (UBC). Se mudó a Canadá para completar su maestría en UBC después de adquirir valiosa experiencia en su país natal. Sus intereses de investigación incluyen estudiar la influencia de la agricultura en la biodiversidad de aves en los trópicos y Norteamérica. Está comprometida en comprender cómo las actividades humanas, como la agricultura, impactan en el mundo natural y encontrar formas de mitigar esos impactos. La pasión de Catalina por la naturaleza se extiende más allá de sus intereses de investigación. Le encanta explorar al aire libre, hacer senderismo y observar aves.

About Your Bird Guides

Christopher Di Corrado

I’m a bird-nerd, biologist, and wildlife guide. When I’m not doing that, I may be guiding in Ecuador or Antarctica! I’ll be very glad to be on solid ground to help search for birds with you and make new friends. I grew up in Ontario, and have moved around, and travelled through South America where I learned Spanish- and I’m still learning! I look forward to see you and practicing Spanish!

Catalina Gonzalez

Catalina is a biologist from Colombia who is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She moved to Canada to complete her Master’s degree at UBC after gaining valuable experience in her home country. Her research interests include studying the influence of agriculture on bird biodiversity in the tropics and North America. She is committed to understanding how human activities, such as agriculture, impact the natural world and finding ways to mitigate those impacts. Catalina’s passion for nature extends beyond her research interests. She loves exploring the outdoors, hiking and bird watching.

About “Birding with Me” Series

Come Birding with Me and learn about our local birds on free, guided bird walks that celebrate diversity in bird and human communities. Inspired by the National Audubon Society’s Let’s Go Birding Together series, Birding with Me walks welcome in members of different communities led by experts of shared identity to explore birding together and meet new people. Check out the Birding with Me webpage for all events.


Accessibility notes: This program requires moving at a moderate pace with moderate inclines on some uneven surfaces around Lost Lagoon (such as gravel and pavement) for up to 1.5 hours. If you have any questions about accessibility, please email Anna at publiced@stanleyparkecology.ca     


This program will meet at the Nature House on Lost Lagoon (located near the intersection of Alberni and Chilco Street, underneath the viewing platform). Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete a health check.   (1) (2) 

(1) Registration required - NO DROP-INS ARE ALLOWED.  This program is free!

(2) Weather dependent - Please check your email 12 hours before the program date and time to confirm it has not been cancelled due to inclement weather such as high winds, heavy rain, or extreme heat.     

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