Customized Private Bookings

2016.Oct.01-Dannie Piezas-Cedar01

Photo: SPES (Dannie Piezas)

We accommodate groups of up to 20 individuals per leader for 2-hour private bookings with our Indigenous Plant Use walking tour content, or an indoor Traditional Medicine Making workshop. These bookings may be further customized according to your needs. E-mail or call to schedule a booking or inquire further.
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Walking Tour: Indigenous Plant Use

Private Booking Pricing (Indigenous Plant Use tour)*

Max # of Participants/Leader

# Leaders


20 1 $211
2 $421










Workshop: Traditional Medicine Making

Private Booking Pricing (Traditional Medicine Making workshop)*

Max # of Participants/Leader

Duration (hours)


20 2 $434
3 $576









* Please inquire for non-profit rates.