In addition to our programs for schools and the public, SPES offers a set of online and in-person programs just for young eco-stewards!  

Join us for our “Critter Club” online series where children connect with each other through SPES educators who bring the natural world to your home throughout the year! 

Or, play and learn over spring or summer break among the Park’s giant rainforest trees and along the shores of Beaver Lake or the many beaches of Stanley Park during one of our week-long “EcoCamps”.

Critter Club

Join us over Zoom!
A screenshot from a SPES online Critter Club

Do you know any children who are captivated by creatures? Curious about cougars? Fascinated by fish? Infatuated by insects?  Interested in all things intertidal? SPES is running our SECOND Critter Club Series! 

Starting November 03, SPES educators are offering an interactive online club for children who are passionate about animals, want to learn more about them, and want to help protect them.  We will explore wildlife in Stanley Park and around us through art, activities, short presentations, Q&A, and more!  The club is open to children who attended the first series or new participants! 

Critter Club offers young minds a place to grow their curiosity, meet other like-minded children, and have fun!   

Clubbers will meet once a week, over four weeks, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for home-schooled children. Clubbers will be offered an optional exciting activity to do on their own over the next week! Activities will be based around sustainable living and learning how to protect our precious wildlife. Participants can bond with each other other while sharing their individual activities during the break-out session the following week.  

Participants can sign up for the series or just join for one or two.   Or, book your own after school or other day of the week Critter Club! Email us to inquire about that option at 

Below are the weekly themes, click on each theme to find the event page for each week. 

Week 1 – Slippery Salmon and Other Fantastic Fish

Week 2 – Intertidal Invertebrates

Week 3 – Cool Creepy Crawlies II

Week 4 – Coastal Carnivorous Cats

VIP Pass – Four Week Pass

Ages: 9-13**

Platform: Zoom 

Dates: November 03 – November 24, 2021 on Wednesdays

Each session includes the following:

Welcome, group sharing, short solo activity, learning sessions from SPES, and an introduction to an optional activity for after the club! 

**We welcome youth outside the suggested age range (younger participants should be accompanied by an adult to help with tech support) but programming will be designed for 9–13-year-olds.  

November 03 Week 1: Slippery Salmon and Other Fantastic Fish

Swim alongside educators as they talk about the fantastic fish that frolic off our coast.  We will dive into many fabulous fish including sharks, salmon, sculpin and more. Explore how their populations are holding up, and discover which animals depend on them to survive.  Join us to find out that there is more than meets the eye with many of these fish fry!

November 10  Week 2: Intertidal Invertebrates

Dive into learning all about the intertidal zone at Stanley Park! Which creatures digest their food outside their body? How do sea stars move? Who do all the sea shells on the seashore belong to? Which creature glues its head to a whale? Answer all your inner intertidal questions during this week full  of   weird, wild and wet invertebrates! This program will really make a splash! 

November 17  Week 3: Cool Creepy Crawlies II

Get your hands dirty with this session on soil invertebrates found in your backyard garden and local parks. Which small and slimy creature has 27,000 teeth? What cool and crazy colours are snail eggs?  Do millipedes really have a thousand legs, and what makes them different from centipedes? Discover how these tiny critters actually help with your garden while digging up the answers to these questions and more in our creepy crawlies program! 

November 24  Week 4:  Coastal Carnivorous Cats

From baby bobcats to colossal cougars, we will get up close with some furry and ferocious felines that you can find in the Pacific Northwest. Learn which adaptations these purring panthers have to make them such elusive and inventive hunters. What are those long tails for? What do they eat in urban settings? Which ones can you find in Metro Vancouver or even used to wander through Stanley Park. Pounce on over to find out where these cool cats can be found in British Columbia. 

Participants can join for the full four weeks (VIP Club Pass), or individual days.  Or, book your own afterschool or other day of the week Critter Club: inquire at Click through to purchase tickets for session descriptions and to see all ticketing options.

Spring and Summer EcoCamps

Out for an adventure
Making good use of a log at SPES Day Camp (Photo: Richard King)

Know any children who enjoy getting into nature and learning and playing with other kids? EcoCamps offers young minds a place to grow their curiosity, learn, meet other like-minded children, and have ‘a hoot’ exploring the wonders of Stanley Park!

If that sounds like a fit for your child or a child you know between the ages of 7-11, sign them up for a week-long day camp with SPES’s fantastic Stanley Park Educators!

Campers will embark on an exciting educational adventure among the giant trees, sandy beaches and hidden wetlands of Stanley Park. They will spot migrating waterfowl, search for signs of flying squirrels and beavers, explore the patterns of nature, and find buried treasure – all while spending valuable time outdoors.

These camps often sell out and can be a favourite part of many children’s springs or summers, so we suggest you check in for when registration opens if you’re hoping to get a spot!

Spring Break EcoCamp registration opens January 2022.