Co-Existing with Coyotes relies on reports from people like you to help us keep track of coyote activity in Vancouver. Each paw print in this coyote sightings map represents a single coyote report made to our info-line. Click on paw prints to find more information including the date, time of day (in 24 hour clock), and basic details of the report. Click on the coloured circles to zoom in on clusters of reports. You can filter reports based on its associated month, year, location, and encounter type. You can also change the format of the map so that each report shows up individually, clustered together in areas with multiple sightings, or as a heatmap. The coyote sightings map is updated with the help of volunteers at the end of each week. Please scroll to bottom of page for interactive map

If the map is not loading, please click on this link to directly visit the website where it is hosted

To report a sighting please use our online report form or call (604) 257-6908 ext. 104. All reports are kept anonymous, your name and address will not appear on the map.