The Cob House is one of Stanley Park Ecology Society’s most innovative and successful fundraising initiatives. Built in 2004 by volunteers set on producing an environmentally sustainable community art project, the house is made entirely of straw, clay, sand, and reclaimed materials and topped with a living roof. The Cob House creation team included UBC Civil Engineering and the BCIT Green Roof Research Facility and many volunteers. The structure set a precedent for the use of cob in urban areas and in fact, it won the first-ever Innovation Award from the Vancouver Regional Construction Association.

Over 200 volunteers of all ages participated, contributing thousands of hours to construct the whimsical and impactful Cob House.

Popcorn for education and conservation

A great attraction of the Cob House is SPES’s organically-grown popcorn. The proceeds from our kernels – all donated by Whole Foods Market – have raised over $200,000 in funds for our education and conservation projects.

Decorating Cob House (Photo: Brian Grover)

The Cob House is open each day during the summer; and you can find us by the Stanley Park Railway. So come by and get yourself a bag of delicious popcorn, served with real butter.