At SPES we’re marking the changing season with some exciting changes of our own. Our Education Department (school programs and public programs) will be in the capable hands of our new Education Manager Erin Leckie.

Erin Leckie, Education Manager

Erin joined us this past summer from the wilds of guiding in the north. “I’m looking forward to finding and fostering connections between public education offerings and our youth education programs,” says Erin. “AND how education can support telling the story of all the good work SPES is doing in conservation, stewardship, and research.”

Dannie Piezas (blue shirt) takes over for Madeleine Irving Chan (red shirt) as Urban Wildlife Programs Coordinator.

Dannie Piezas (blue tank top) moves into our Urban Wildlife Programs Coordinator role to take over for Madeleine Irving Chan (red shirt) who just welcomed baby Eilidh into the world. “I am so excited to be moving into the Urban Wildlife Programs Coordinator position as a perfect marriage of both parts of my interests: the scientific and the creative, all in the work of helping the community co-exist with our wild neighbours,” says Dannie.

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