Maclean’s, September 1, 2017 ̶ Behold, the blob of Vancouver’s Lost Lagoon

by Aaron Hutchins

Sep 1, 2017

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“The Blob” is indescribable, indestructible and nothing can stop it—at least in the movies. But in Vancouver’s Lost Lagoon, where a blob-like creature was recently uncovered, the best descriptions thus far from Celina Starnes of the Stanley Park Ecology Society is that it’s like a deflated basketball or week-old Jell-O. It’s gooey, yet firm, and also kinda gross.

Officially called a Bryozoan, the blob is not just one creature. “Bryozoan clumps like these are actually hundreds of creatures living together in a colony,” according to National Geographic. And this particular kind of Bryozoan, called a Pectinatella magnifica, was thought to only exist in the Misssissippi River.

While this blob was only recently discovered in Vancouver’s Stanley Park—thanks to low water levels and a “24-hour Bio-Blitz” where amateur and experts joined together to catalogue species—it’s possible they’ve lived here for much longer as its body camouflages well in murky waters. But one thing for certain is, unlike the movies, this blob will not eat you alive.

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