Youtube, April 9, 2018 – Spencer speaks about the Stanley Park Ecological Society for Earth Day

Spencer Chandra Herbert

Published on Apr 19, 2018

With Earth Day 2018 coming this weekend, Spencer wishes the Stanley Park Ecological Society a happy 30th birthday. The Stanley Park Ecological Society has been working hard in Vancouver’s West End to reconnect the community back to nature through education, research and conservation initiatives.

WATCH the video related to this:


Brian Herrin

A fine sentiment delivered with passion and sincerity. Spencer walks the walk with his community and I have seen him at other Earth Days as he joins in the celebration and take part in the activities. He believes in what he is saying and is an agent for positive environmental and ecological change. I hope to see him again tomorrow on the Lost Lagoon patio where the Stanley Park Ecology Society will be celebrating their birthday! 30 years and still counting – for a lot! Many more to you SPES.

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