Nurture Nature on Giving Tuesday


They’re back!

Thousands of sea ducks – scoters, golden eyes, and buffleheads – swarm Stanley Park’s waters every fall and winter, diving for the blue mussels and other invertebrates encrusting the shores.

Barrow’s goldeneyes in Stanley Park (Photo: Liron Gertsman)

Stanley Park is a critical winter refuge area for ducks flocking here from across the province. It’s also home to hundreds of other species that fly, hop, crawl, or scamper their way through 1000 acres of Pacific Northwest rainforest – all (incredibly) next door to a major Canadian city.

With over 8 million visitors per year, though, the pressure of being an urban park and a world-class destination takes its toll: foot traffic, pollution, litter and invasive species degrade the Park’s wildlife habitats. However …

You can help SPES support the Park and the wildlife that depends on it
this Giving Tuesday, November 27.


Your year end, tax deductible donation will help SPES conserve Stanley Park’s ecological health and inspire Park visitors with expert environmental education programs.

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Photo: Michael Schmidt/SPES


……supports SPES’ wildlife monitoring programs that engage citizen scientists in collecting baseline data to track the impacts of habitat restoration efforts in Stanley Park.

Photo: Lanie Goebel/SPES


……subsidizes an elementary school class of   25 inner-city children  to learn about the stewardship of nature in nature in Stanley Park.

Photo: Laura McGrath/SPES


……supports the removal and management of invasive plants in blowdown areas and strategic sites throughout Stanley Park.

Photo: Brian Grover


.…..subsidizes the school program fee for one inner city class to participate in Nature Ninjas, an empowering, unforgettable overnight camping fieldtrip in Stanley Park.


Even small gifts can make a BIG difference.
Please consider a monthly donation.

Thank you for supporting Stanley Park’s wildlife and natural spaces.
PS: If you would like to learn more about Stanley Park’s migrating sea ducks, please click here.


For more information about SPES and its programs, please contact Kathleen Stormont, SPES Fundraising & Communications Specialist, at 604-718-6523 or email



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