“Creatures of the Night” delights crowds

Along Jack’s journey through the dark forest, he encountered the likes of owls, bats, and crows. This year at Creatures of the Night we introduced Ghost Train train riders to these three spooky favourites and helped them to find their own clan.

Are you intelligent and playful like the crow clan or a fierce leader like the owl clan? Or perhaps it’s your stomach and social energy that guides you like the bat clan. This year we helped over 9000 people discover which group’s characteristics described them best with a series of activities designed to find your strengths. Children and adults alike completed puzzles, tested their owl eyes in an eye spy match, and challenged their dexterity in an insect catching challenge.

Guests learned about the near silent flight of our local owls, the familial bonds of the corvid family, and the huge appetite of our little brown bats. We were also joined by South Coast Bat Conservation Society to get all the batty details and learn the importance of reporting dead bats as a means to track white nose syndrome.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to join us and we’ll see you at the Ghost Train next year!

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