Beaver Gets Back

This young beaver found himself in saltwater after allegedly being hit by a car in Stanley Park, then chased into the ocean by onlookers who may have been trying to help him. Vancouver Aquarium staff later captured the beaver at Beaver Creek for transport to Critter Care in Langley where he was kept under observation for saltwater poisoning (salt is toxic to beavers) and any injuries. “Stanley” was none the worse for wear, so after three days of TLC and fattening up, Aquarium staff returned him to his creek under the guidance of SPES’ Conservation Projects Manager, Vanessa Sadler.

Watch the beaver being released in Beaver Creek on February 1: 

SPES estimates there are up to 6 beavers inhabiting the beaver lodge in Beaver Lake and up to 12 beavers living in 2 lodges on Lost Lagoon. This young beaver was likely looking for new territory as his Beaver Lake habitat was becoming too crowded with each beaver birth. 

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