A Howling Good Time for Coyotes

Most people think of winter as the perfect time to snuggle up with a good book and warm blanket, but not coyotes.  Coyotes are out and about right now searching for a mate.  You might hear them howling, yipping, and yelping while enjoying their own version of night life across Vancouver.  Once coyotes pair up, the bond formed between them is strong and for life.  Coyotes are very loyal and monogamous animals.  These mated pairs form the nucleus of their family pack life.  It seems fitting that their mating season overlaps Valentine’s Day.

A coyote in Stanley Park. (Photo: Michael Schmidt)

Coyotes play an important role in urban ecosystems: they help reduce the rat and mouse population, and their presence can even increase bird diversity in an area.  If you do come across a coyote, please report your sighting to our Co-Existing with Coyotes program.  Your reports help us to monitor the whereabouts and behavior of coyotes in our community to better understand our canid neighbours.  We can help keep coyotes wild and our pets safe by leashing our dogs and keeping our cats indoors—especially at night.

By Greg Hart, Coexisting with Coyotes Coordinator

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