Urban Stewards Teacher Resource CD

How long does a field trip take? Maybe half a day? Two hours?

What about only five minutes?

“Five Minute Field Trip” is a great activity to give kids focused outdoor exploration opportunities. All you need is a set of Five Minute Field Trip cards, a place to explore, and your imagination!

Photo: Brian Grover

Each card contains three prompts – kids can search for an object that fits one, or one that fits all three! Nono is investigating this feather. How many points could she tick, if her card asked her to find something that:

  • Is smaller than a cherry
  • Looks different up close
  • Is camouflaged

“Five Minute Field Trip” supports learning in an outdoor environment for all ages. It is one of several activities on the Stanley Park Ecology Society’s Urban Stewards teacher resource CD.

The Urban Stewards CD is packed full of engaging activities that help bridge the gap between the classroom and the world beyond. The CD contains a 12-unit lesson series that is approved and recommended by the BC Ministry of Education. Within it are 36 ready-to-use lesson plans, handouts, and activities on topics from ecosystems to soils, to climate change, and more. Lessons require minimal preparation and will help increase your students’ environmental literacy.

Lessons are directly linked to the newly modernized BC curricular content of grades K-7 science; see how here, and check out a sample lesson plan all about Incredible Invertebrates!

This teacher resource is available exclusively from the Stanley Park Ecology Society for only $25! Email or call for more information, or to get your own copy of this incredible resource. In no time, you and your class will be equipped to explore the wonders of our natural world and the role we all play in it!

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