This Valentine’s Day, give your beloved a memorable and unique Stanley Park experience…for free! There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll together through a quiet forest…only, this Valentine’s date could win you a return visit on a naturalist-led tour.

Our first ever Stanley Park Valentine’s Photo Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to experience the Park and all it has to offer. Follow the route below and snap your best photos to win a Heron Nest Adoption plus a free Heron Discovery Walk for Two to learn about the Park’s busy heron colony this spring.  Email 10 of your shots to  sponsors@stanleyparkecology.ca to be entered to win.

couple by Shannon O'Grady
Photo: Shannon O’Grady

Suggested route:

Start at the Nature House viewing platform, head west around Lost Lagoon, continue under the causeway and along the southern seawall to the totem poles. On the north seawall, continue past Girl in a Wetsuit to Lumberman’s Arch.  Take the path through Lumberman’s Arch picnic area to end at the Stanley Park bus loop, or head back to Lost Lagoon to complete the infinity loop.

Share your pictures on social media with #HeartStanleyPark and we’ll be sure to retweet your shots through @StanleyPkEcoSoc.

Snap these 14 photos on Feb.14 in Stanley Park:

  1. Selfie from the viewing platform over the Nature House overlooking Lost Lagoon 
  2. Three white feathers 
  3. A tree with evidence of beaver activity 
  4. English ivy winding up a tree
  5. Two horses pulling a carriage 
  6. A small living creature in the intertidal zone 
  7. Create a piece of ephemeral art using natural materials 
  8. A shell that is white, and a shell that is purple 
  9. Pose with Girl in a Wetsuit! 
  10. Selfie under Lumberman’s Arch 
  11. One black squirrel and four grey squirrels 
  12. The bald eagle pair by their nest overlooking Malkin Bowl 
  13. Early blooming flowers in the Rose Garden? 
  14. Final selfie, sitting atop the fallen tree near the Rowing Club at the Park entrance 

Enjoy and good luck!

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