Vancouver Sun, February 29, 2016 – Stanley Park causeway’s bike lane, sidewalk upgrade completed

Stanley Park causeway's bike lane, sidewalk upgrade completed

Police and fire crews at the scene of the fatal accident on the Stanley Park Causeway in 2013. Photograph by: Arlen Redekop , PNG

VANCOUVER — The $7-million project to improve bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks along the Stanley Park causeway is now finished.

“More than 2,200 cyclists and about 200 pedestrians travel along the Stanley Park Causeway each day during the busy summer months, and this widening and safety upgrade will greatly improve safety for them, as well as encourage people to walk or cycle instead of driving,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone in a statement about the project that began on Sept. 13, 2015.

The project included widening the east sidewalk to 3.6 metres to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians, with a separated cycling lane and a walking lane. The west sidewalk was widened to ensure added safety for southbound cyclists that includes two cycling passing lanes to accommodate different cycling speeds.

A new safety fence has been installed separating cyclists and pedestrians from vehicle traffic on both sides of the 2.2-kilometre causeway.

The ministry worked with the Vancouver Park Board, the City of Vancouver, the Stanley Park Ecological Society, HUB Cycling and local First Nations on the project.

“We are pleased the impact to the environmental footprint was very minimal here as the ministry worked with our team to deliver a safer and more efficient roadway for cyclists and pedestrians, while preserving the ecology and natural beauty of our park,” added Vancouver park board chair Sarah Kirby-Yung

“The completion of this project is good news for people who cycle and those who want to start cycling more, because the safety fence and the designated cycling spaces make it safer and easier to navigate this route,” said HUB Cycling executive director Erin O’Melinn, in a statement.

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