Spring Eco Camps for Kids!

You know that feeling you get after having fun outdoors all day? After hours of breathing fresh air, exploring trails for the first time, or investigating nature’s secrets? It’s a mixture of revitalization, contentment and relaxation, hard to find elsewhere. This spring, SPES day camps aim to stir up this feeling in BC children while they play and learn outdoors.

During March break, children ages 7 to 11 will embark on an adventure in the wilds of Stanley Park. They’ll have a blast playing among the giant trees, splashing at the beach, and spotting wildlife like otters and beavers. Camp runs rain or shine 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m and aftercare is available.

What will these day camps weeks actually look like? Here’s a sneak preview:

Photo: Milva DeSiena

March 16 – 20: Flying Wonders

Have you ever wondered which birds migrate through Stanley Park, or how to identify songbirds based on their calls? Ever thought about the wonder of bat wing anatomy, questioned if Stanley Park is home to flying squirrels, or marveled at dragonfly larvae?

If so, our Flying Wonders camp is for you! This week, our campers will learn about the amazing ducks, hawks, owls, and other flying creatures that call Stanley Park home, and will have a hoot doing it!

Photo: Brian Grover

March 23 – 27: Raincoast Survival

This fun-filled week is full of exciting activities designed to get campers thinking about the challenges of outdoor survival, both for themselves and for all the creatures that call Stanley Park and the Pacific Northwest home. This includes learning about edible plants, compass navigation, and shelter building for humans, as well as behavioral adaptations and survival strategies of the creatures in Stanley Park!

If your child likes spending time outdoors and wants to do more of it now and in the future, this is the week for them!

If you know a child who would like to join us, register here!

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