Metro News, August 10, 2012 – Urban bald eagles making a comeback in Vancouver

By: Metro Vancouver


Urban bald eagles are making a comeback in Vancouver and the Stanley Park Ecological Society is heralding it as a conservation victory.

In the 1960s there were only two nesting pairs, according to a new post on the society’s website: one in Stanley park and one near UBC.

Today the society monitors 19 bald eagle nests in Vancouver, 14 of which have chicks. Most pairs are producing one to two eaglets a year, but one couple on Wall Street this year managed to rear three.

“Today you don’t have to look too hard to see this iconic bird soar high up in the sky or flap low over treetops with slow wingbeats,” the post says.

“These large aerial predators nest in the forests of Stanley Park, in large trees on the waterfront, and in some distinctly urban locations. From their nests they overlook soccer and baseball games, arts venues, parking lots, picnics, houses and streets.”

Conservation manager Robyn Worcester was off and unavailable to comment Friday.

The society plans to publish a full report on the eagles’ resurgence later this summer.

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