Newsmax, July 23, 2015 – Lululemon Beer: Yoga Brand Releases ‘Curiosity Lager’ for Sale in Canada

Image: Lululemon Beer: Yoga Brand Releases 'Curiosity Lager' for Sale in Canada

Lululemon has released a craft beer called “Curiosity Lager.” (Twitter)

Lululemon, the Canadian yoga and sportswear brand, has teamed up with Vancouver’s Stanley Park Brewing company to release a craft beer named “Curiosity Lager.”

“Just because you’re a yogi, doesn’t mean you won’t have an occasion for beer, and we’re certainly interested in talking to that crowd,” Doug Devlin, director of marketing for Stanley Park Brewing, told the CBC. 

“I think Lululemon, by extension, is interested in talking to a more male beer-drinking crowd. It’s a nice way for each of us to take what it is we do to a new consumer.”

The limited-edition run of 88,000 tallboy cans will be sold in 200 government liquor stores and some private liquor stores in British Columbia and Alberta. Partial proceeds from the sale of the beer will benefit the Stanley Park Ecology Society. 


The release of the beer has been timed to coincide with the Lululemon-sponsored 2015 SeaWheeze Sunset Festival and Half Marathon in August.

“Our focus has always been to bring our event mantra — ‘’ — to life,” said Lululemon’s global events manager Travis McKenzie.

The New York Daily News reported that while beer and yoga might not seem like a natural pairing, many craft breweries are using their properties for yoga classes that include post-workout tastings.

Nearly every state has at least one yoga-and-beer offering, and some cities like Charleston, South Carolina, have them at multiple locations.

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