Vancity Buzz, February 18, 2013 – Stanley Park Brewery invites you to ‘Adopt An Acre’ of Stanley Park

Adopt Stanley Park Sign

Stanley Park Brewery has announced plans to work in partnership with the Stanley Park Ecology Society (S.P.E.S.) for the people of British Columbia to adopt a portion of Stanley Park through an initiative called Adopt An Acre. Adopt An Acre is a new initiative to benefit the S.P.E.S. and will run until Thursday, February 28.

For every 6-pack of Stanley Park beer that is purchased, consumers will “adopt” 10 square feet of the Park. This environmental initiative is supported by more than 55 Government Liquor Stores in British Columbia. Stanley Park Brewery hopes to raise $10,000 in their efforts for the cause.

“Our goal is to work in partnership with S.P.E.S. to support their efforts towards education, ecological stewardship and conservation in Stanley Park,” says Andy Murison, Vice President of Marketing for Mark Anthony Brands. “The ‘Adopt An Acre’ initiative provides beer consumers in British Columbia with the opportunity to ensure Vancouver’s most beloved outdoor space remains beautiful, lush and green as they enjoy our hand-crafted Belgian-style beers from Stanley Park Brewery.”

“We are grateful to Stanley Park Brewery for initiating the ‘Adopt an Acre’ program in an effort to educate people and make a real difference to wildlife and nature in Stanley Park,” says Patricia Thomson, Executive Director of S.P.E.S. “Our charity relies on the generosity of local businesses and we are delighted to partner with Stanley Park Brewery, a locally-owned family run business, that is focused on sustainability and committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their brewing process. ”

About Stanley Park Brewery

Stanley Park Brewery is Canada’s first sustainably-focused brewery and one of the most technologically advanced breweries of its size in North America. Being locally owned and operated is an important distinction and part of [their] proud heritage, which dates back to 1897 when [their] namesake brewery was established on the south shore of Lost Lagoon inStanley Park. [Their] beers – Stanley Park 1897 Amber, Stanley Park Noble Pilsner, and Stanley Park Brun – honour [the] region’s distinctive past and bring this history to life through historic images and narratives on labels of … craft beer. The future of the environment is at the forefront of everything [they] do and [the] Canadian-built wind turbine enables [them] to harness the power of the wind to brew completely natural beer using much less energy than a regular brewery. Stanley Park Brewery is owned and operated by Mark Anthony Brands, part of The Mark Anthony Group of Companies, one of North America’s most diversified and successful private beverage Companies focused on the alcohol beverage sector.

Stanley Park Brewery is also a local and privately owned company, paying tribute to the original brewery in the park from 1897. [They’re] proud to be one of North America’s first sustainably focused breweries and are committed to acknowledging ecological concerns and giving back to our community.” Here is a link of the locations of the participating government stores across the province:

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About Stanley Park Ecology Society

“S.P.E.S. is an independent non-profit charity that relies on support and funding from local businesses and the community. For 25 years, their staff and network of community volunteers has played a leading role in the environmental stewardship of Stanley Park and in connecting thousands of local people of all ages with nature through school and public programs.

S.P.E.S. promotes awareness of and respect for the natural world and plays a leadership role in the stewardship of Stanley Park through collaborative initiatives in education, research and conservation. To read more about the Society’s work, visit their website.”

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