Vancity Buzz, December 4, 2015 – Otters play on ice at Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon

Image: Stanley Park Ecology Society
(Image: Stanley Park Ecology Society)

A pair of river otters were recently spotted playing on the frozen surface of Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park during Vancouver’s most recent ‘deep freeze’.

A video posted by the Stanley Park Ecology Society shows otters having a bit of fun on the ice while being watched by amused park visitors. This occurred this past Sunday, at the tail end of a week of subzero temperatures that caused the lake to freeze.

River otters are known to reside in Lost Lagoon and have dug dens along the sides of the lake, with entrances both underwater and above ground. Dens typically consist of a nest of sticks, grass, reeds and leaves.

Other furry semi-aquatic creatures that live in Stanley Park include the beavers in aptly-named Beaver Lake, although they are occasionally seen in Lost Lagoon as well.

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