CBC News, December 3, 2015 – Otters playing at Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon put on ice show

Visitors to Stanley Park were greeted by a pair of otters playing on the ice at the Lost Lagoon on Sunday. 

The video of the otters frolicking on the docks has been shared on Facebook by the the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

“Not sure who was having more fun: the river otters or the people watching them at Lost Lagoon,” the society said in its Facebook post.

Greg Hart, the urban wildlife program coordinator for the Stanley Park Ecology Society, says otters are common in the area, but are not often seen in the lagoon — making those on hand a rather lucky bunch. 

He said the otters were well aware of the humans watching them play, but they didn’t seem to mind. 

Otters are a playful, social and gregarious species, he added. 

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