Causeway Improvements for Pedestrians and Cyclists: Update

If you’ve driven along the Causeway through Stanley Park lately, you’ll note the improvements along its east side are nearly complete. A divided bike and pedestrian lane is now separated from vehicle traffic by a barrier. SPES has been included in the environmental monitoring process and we are pleased to report that erosion control measures, habitat preservation and habitat restoration are on track.

tree 2
Mature trees were identified and protected along the causeway. (Photo: Titus Biological Services Inc.)

Slope stabilization along the route will include seeding and planting in the spring, while coarse woody debris (logs) has been installed on the banks near watercourses to control erosion. All the bare slopes lining the development  appear to be stable following the removal of protective poly sheets.

Bare slopes will be planted in the spring. (Photo: Titus Biological Services Inc.)

Work on the west side of the Causeway began on January 3. You can view the causeway project plans and design on the province’s ‘Transportation Infrastructure: Projects’ webpage:

Logs (coarse woody debris) are installed along slopes for erosion control. (Photo: Titus Biological Services Inc.)

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