Beavers, Bionets and Blowdowns…Oh my!

By Celina Starnes, SPES Public Education and Outreach Manager.

What are bionets? How do you control invasive plants? A new, engaging exhibit is coming to the Nature House! The “Conservation Corner” will focus on SPES’ restoration efforts in the Park showcasing some of the amazing and unique work that our conservation team and our valuable volunteers are undertaking.

Elements of the new exhibit are designed to keep visitors up-to-date on SPES’ habitat restoration efforts. The first installment of these elements will exhibit the work underway at Beaver Lake and in the blowdown areas of the Park.


Featuring the talents of two local artists, the Conservation Corner will include an extensive mural painted by Kim Hunter, as well as Sharon Kallis’ up-cycled ivy bionets used in blowdown site restoration.  There will be illustrations of how ivy, and other invasive plants, are repurposed for these restoration efforts. 

The exhibit will also feature a section dedicated to our wonderful volunteers that will demonstrate the crucial role they play in fulfilling SPES’ mission and vision. We hope it will serve to inspire others to help SPES steward Vancouver’s favourite park.

Stay tuned!

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