Metro, Feb.12, 2015 – West End coyote is back

West End coyote is back, warns Stanley Park Ecology Society

By Emily Jackson Metro

Feb.12, 2015

A mangy coyote that was spotted throughout the West End last summer is back – and this time it appears to have a mate.

The Stanley Park Ecology Society issued a warning on Thursday about the coyote, which hasn’t been aggressive but seems to be a little too comfortable near people and pets even during daylight hours.

The society issued the warning since it’s mating season for coyotes, so the animals will likely be looking for more food, said Dan Straker, the society’s urban wildlife coordinator.


Straker asks people not to feed the animals, to keep their small dogs on leashes, keep their cats inside and to scare the coyotes if they spot them in public spaces. Feeding coyotes is against the law and bad for the animal’s health.

Anyone who spots a coyote is asked to report it online at


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