Anna’s hummingbird chicks hatch

Baby hummingbirds, up close and personal thanks to nature photographer Michael Schmidt of the Stanley Park Ecology Society

For Vancouver nature photographer Michael Schmidt, after documenting the birth and growth cycle of two baby hummingbirds in a series of amazing photos, it’s almost like he knows the family.

Schmidt, of the Stanley Park Ecology Society, located the mother in a nest in a fellow society member’s backyard, about eye-level. He said the mother is so used to humans that he could get within about a metre without bothering her.

When she laid a pair of jelly-bean-size eggs, he was able to get in close and snap them when they finally hatched. Over about a week he has watched and snapped the tiny birds’ rapid growth.

“It gets more and more fun all the time,” he said. “It’s following one little family and seeing the progress.”

Schmidt’s nature photos usually get about 400 views a piece on his Flickr account, but the popular baby hummingbirds are up to 50,000 clicks and rising.

2014-05-24 Vancouver Anna's Hummingbird Nest and Babies-44b

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