National Philanthropy Day: celebrating volunteers

Today is National Philanthropy Day, so what better time to celebrate the enormous contribution volunteers make to our work. 


Volunteer shows child owl puppet

Eco Ranger Eugene provides wildlife Education at the 2013 BioBlitz

SPES is responsible for stewardship and ecological management in Stanley Park but as a non-profit organization we couldn’t run without the amazing support of a host of volunteers.

   Whether it’s clearing invasive plant species from the forest, conducting bird counts or acting the part of a flying squirrel for the Creatures of the Night walking tours, our volunteers are what make SPES tick.


 Some facts about our volunteers:

  • 2500 people volunteered over 16,000 hours of their time for SPES in the last year. That’s enough volunteer hours for every hour of every day for almost 2 years!

  • 62 volunteers provided nearly 300 hours of demonstrations, advice and free events at the BioBlitz weekend this August.
  • 295m3 of invasive plant material was removed by volunteers by hand last year.
  • Our Eco-Rangers, who spent the summer as volunteer nature ambassadors, had 6000 conversations about ecology with members of the public in the park
  • Our longest serving volunteer has been working for SPES since 1988
  • We have volunteers from across the world from as far afield as Germany, Korea, Thailand and Australia
  • Our longest serving volunteer has been working for SPES since 1988
  • More than 30,000 people engaged with our volunteers in the park or at the Nature House last year. That’s equivalent to the population of Port Moody.

If you want to join our wonderful army of volunteers, we’re always keen to hear from you.

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