Visit the Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train


Ghost Train PosterFree Entry for SPES Members on October 9 Preview Night!

As the days get shorter and darkness starts to loom, spooky creatures are starting to emerge in Stanley Park.

To help you experience all this creepiness, we’re offering SPES members free entry to the preview night of Stanley Park’s Hallowe’en Ghost Train and SPES’s own Creatures of the Night walking tour on October 9 between 6-9PM.

This year the Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train travels through the silver screen into the world of classic horror movies. Dracula, Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Phantom of the Opera will be summoned from the darkness, crawl out from their coffins, slither from their slabs and ooze from their tombs to meet you!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Before, or after your knee trembling ride, why not join SPES for a theatrical 30 minute lantern-lit journey through the forest, where creepy crawlies, sinister spiders and observant owl eyes surround you. Your SPES guide will help you find some of Stanley Park’s most elusive nocturnal animals and uncover the truth behind a mysterious animal disappearance.

To become a SPES member, call us today at 604-718-6523 or email

For more information about Stanley Park’s Ghost Train visit the Vancouver Park Board website here 

For more information about SPES’s Creatures of the Night walking tours click here

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