Success for spring break youth restoration team

Beaver Lake Restoration site planting (10)It was a fulfilling Spring Break for the hard-working, dedicated group of 10 youth volunteers who participated in the Spring Break Youth Restoration Project. This energetic team focused to achieve a variety of meaningful stewardship projects in the Park. With each project, the group learned something new about the natural world and had the chance to take part in hands-on activities that made a difference.

Together, the team accomplished so much:

  • Salvaging native plants to be used in future restoration projects in Stanley Park;
  • Planting native plants near Beaver Lake, decommissioning an illegal trail and reducing the impact of trampling on the surrounding habitat;
  • Removing invasive plants species, restoring three different areas of Stanley Park;
  • Providing habitat for mason bees for the spring and summer by cleaning and installing ten mason bee houses.  

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