Coyotes Denning for Spring

Spring is denning season for coyotes living in the Vancouver area, and with new pups to protect, coyotes may become more territorial closer to their den sites over the next couple of months. Coyotes are very adaptable, timid and elusive creatures. They are known to build their dens in hard to find locations including secluded parts of parks and golf courses, behind blackberry bushes, and if given the opportunity underneath abandoned buildings. If you come across an active den site or pups please report it online or call 604-681-WILD and avoid the area. It is also another good reason to keep dogs on leash in parks, as curiousity may lead to unnecessary conflicts between coyotes and pets.

What you can do

It’s especially important to remove potential coyote attractants from yards and parks. Things like loose garbage, yard fruit, bird feeders and pet food will attract opportunistic coyotes. Over the next couple of months, young coyotes will be learning the skills they need to survive in the city. If we do not take care to reduce attractants, the young coyotes may learn to depend on people for food, rather than learning how to hunt for their own favourite foods which include small rodents, such as mice and rats, as well as vegetation.

We have a lot of information on our website including how to co-exist with coyotes or our interactive coyote sightings map. Report a coyote sighting, pups or den site online or call 604-681-WILD.

Image by Robyn Worcester
Image by Robyn Worcester

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