Give a Local Nature holiday gift this year

Struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything? Or planning to make this a stuff-free holiday season?

With SPES’ Local Nature gifts, you can buy someone something special and meaningful, and make a difference. You have an option of adopting an eagle or a great blue heron nest. Or, how about a gift membership?

Whatever you choose, you will be directly helping to protect and conserve our most precious wildlife, right here in Stanley Park.

Any of these virtual gifts are wonderful ways to celebrate the holiday season, and they are gifts that keep giving.

For each gift, we will send a card to the recipient with a personalized message from you*.

Please choose from this selection of Local Nature holiday gifts:

$125:   Sponsor an inner city school to learn about nature with our education team
$100:   Adopt a bald eagle nest
$48:     Adopt a great blue heron nest
$40:     Install a wood duck or swallow nest box
$25:     Plant 10 native plant saplings
$20:     Buy a gift membership ($20 individual, $40 family or $15 senior or youth) (includes perks such as a free preview of Theatre Under the Stars, Stanley Park Ghost Train and Christmas Bright Nights Train)

How does it work?

Choose the virtual gift from our selection that you think will be most appreciated – from sponsoring an eagle nest to installing a wood duck nest box or planting native plant seedlings.

Call us at 604-718-6523 or email, let us know which gift you would like, the address of the recipient and, if you choose, a personalized message for the card.

Every dollar you spend goes directly to SPES’ conservation and education work.

If you would like to make an end-of-year donation and get a tax receipt ($30 and up), please call us on the same number as above or go to and click the donate button.

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