Handsome ducks flocking to our shores

Sunday’s beautiful weather and the prospect of seeing some new feathered arrivals, brought out 25 enthusiastic volunteer bird surveyors for SPES’ monthly bird count. 

While Vancouverities have only just started to feel the distinct chill in the air which means fall is near, several bird species are right now moving between their breeding habitats to their wintering habitats. While some will stay here over winter, others are just dipping in for a rest and some food before they continue on their migration.

The winter ducks have started to return from their breeding grounds in the Interior of BC; including green-winged teal (see picture), northern shoveler, American wigeon and American coot. We are excited to see them back, because they are a clear sign that the seasons are changing and other winter ducks will be coming back soon too, including the massive flocks of surf scoters that assemble off Second Beach throughout the winter.

You can see the results of the bird count here.


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