Stanley Park’s forests stronger thanks to Vancity support

The forests of Stanley Park will be stronger thanks to the support from Vancity’s $10,000 Community Grant.  We are very grateful for this generous support, and these funds will help SPES decommission unsanctioned trails and restore habitat with native plants grown in our own small nursery.

Thanks to Vancity Branch Managers, Hormus Karat and Ross Lambert for coming out to Stanley Park yesterday (September 6) to deliver the cheque to SPES’ ED Patricia Thomson and to tour the areas of the Park that SPES will restore.

Vancity is helping many organizations in the Vancouver area do a lot of good work. Just this year alone, Vancity has given over $27 million in community grants (one third of their profits).

Vancity hands cheque to SPES on September 6, 2012

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