Bushtits, merlins and hummingbirds; results of SPES’ monthly bird survey

SPES’ monthly bird survey continues to give a snapshot of where things are at with Stanley Park’s birdlife. Click here to find out what our bird monitors found this past weekend.

One of the birds that was seen was the bushtit (see image). Bushtits are gregarious and agile songbirds that twitter as they fly through the shrubs. They are usually found in small, lively flocks of up to 40 birds, and may mix with other small songbirds like warblers and chickadees while foraging. They make incredible hanging nests, shaped like a sock, from spider webs, moss and grasses. The nest is insulated with feathers, fur and soft plant material, and hang up to a foot below a branch or tree trunk.

Here are a few links to more great images from the day: Liron Gertsman and Pierre Cenerelli

If you would like to become involved as a volunteer bird monitor, read more here.

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