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VIBF & IOC Tour Guides

Liron Gertsman

In his very short 18 years, Liron Gertsman has been the recipient of multiple international awards and scholarships related to his birding and photography.  He has traveled extensively across British Columbia and has seen 362 bird species within the provincial borders. Liron works with local organizations like the Stanley Park Ecology Society and the City of Vancouver on their environmental awareness initiatives, he runs a bird guiding business, and he is a regular speaker with multiple community organizations.  Liron has recently filmed and produced a documentary about Surf Scoters, which is on display in the Museum of Vancouver this summer.  In his spare time, he is the bass section leader of his school’s chamber choir and he has played trumpet in the provincial high school honor band ensemble. 

Liron loves the outdoors more than anything in life and is resolutely determined to protect our precious environment. By photographing nature and educating people about the natural world, he hopes to spread awareness and educate the public on the need for conservation.

Roy Jantzen

Roy Jantzen is a professor of Natural History, Ecotourism, and Environmental Stewardship in the Faculty of Global and Community Studies at Capilano University. For over two decades, Roy has helped educate the public about the importance of biodiversity and our human place within it. Though he has a passion for local ecosystems and the species that inhabit them, he also has a strong desire to relate the environment to our lives and to larger planetary issues. Roy recently published a book titled, “Active Vancouver: A Year-round Guide to Outdoor Recreation in the City’s Natural Environments”. In it he aims to connect popular recreational activities and locations around Vancouver with an understanding of each specific and local environment. Roy is an intermediate birder and especially likes to share bird song and behaviour with others.

Ines Moran

Ines Moran is a bioacoustic biologist intrigued by natural history. Her passion for natural history started very early on when collecting insects, rocks, fossils, seeds, bones and feathers as a child during her long walks around her house in South of France. Her childhood collections of natural marvels and her attraction to Museum collections grew as she grew up. During her studies, she worked under the wings of the Avian Curator of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Ildiko Szabo, in Vancouver. She learned the ropes of museum techniques to prepare and catalogue skins and bones of wild animals. Thanks to her strong training at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, she founded the Taxidermy Club at the University of Windsor to engage and empower students and the public community with the natural world. She is now looking forward to growing her collection of wildlife sounds, while always keeping her roots in anatomy, taxidermy, and museum collections.

Pierre Cenerelli

Pierre is a lifelong birder and photographer who decided to combine his two passions after his arrival in the region in September 2011. Over the past seven years, he has led or participated in numerous bird counts (or walks) and photography workshops for the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES), Bird Studies Canada, Vancouver Bird Week and Maplewood Flats Conservation Area. He has also volunteered for, and served on the Board of Directors of, SPES. A small sampling of his bird photos may be seen on his Instagram feed (@pierrecenerelli) or Facebook photography page (@avesimago).

Neill Vanhinsberg

Neill Vanhinsberg, a librarian with the Burnaby Public Library, has been an avid birder since he was eight years old. Birding intensively for the past five years, Neill has explored from the coast of Vancouver to the interior landscapes of the Okanagan and Cariboo. As a walk leader with Nature Vancouver and Burnaby Library, Neill aims to use his fascination with birds to connect people with the natural world.

Else Mikkelsen

Else joined the SPES bird monitoring program seven years ago after being inspired by the incredible bird diversity of our local forests. She recently completed her B.Sc. in biology at the University of British Columbia, where she studied birdsong dialects in warblers and population genetics in Winter Wrens. She will soon be headed to the University of Toronto to begin graduate studies in ornithology. Her research focuses on genetics and the processes that generate biodiversity, and she has a passion for field work and nature education. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the local coastal rainforests and searching for hidden biodiversity.

Robyn Worcester

Robyn was born and raised in Vancouver and has been an avid birder focussing in the local region for nearly 20 years. After finishing her studies at BCIT and SFU and working in a variety of applied biology and environmental education positions, she spent eight years leading citizen science, habitat stewardship and other conservation programs with the Stanley Park Ecology Society. She is a founding member of the Vancouver Bird Advisory Committee and one of the co-creators of Vancouver Bird Week. Robyn now works full time as a biologist with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks.

Michael Klotz

Michael’s passion of bird watching started young when his grandpa put some binoculars in his hand. It wasn’t until College where his favorite Zoology professor introduced him to the “life list” which became the start of a life-long passion.  Photography seemed like the natural progression when a 35mm was used for keeping track of the trips. He now keeps a website updated with new photos, blogs and links called Michael has spent the last 30 years birding and photographing the West Coast of North America as his main focus but has travelled as well to a good portion of Southern USA, the Caribbean and Almost all of the Central American Countries with a brief stint across the pond in Kenya. Birding the world is a high priority but getting out and checking the local hotspots for new birds and photos settles the itch. 

Wayne Diakow

Wayne Diakow was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and when not out hunting and bagging dinosaurs, he enjoys bird watching.  His dad was raised in Drumheller, Alberta and always enjoyed the outdoors, whether it was hunting, fishing or just observing nature.  From an early age, he introduced Wayne and his family to the birds.

Working in the BC forest industry for the past 40 years has taken Wayne to many wonderful places in BC, from the Sunshine Coast to Haida Gwaii, including having lived in Prince Rupert for 5 years.  He was director for the BC Field Ornithologists and has been director for the BC Waterfowl Society for the past 30 years managing the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

He enjoys hiking, photography and travel, especially to Europe but there is rarely a week when he is not out birding for a few hours. He is still very involved in a couple of businesses in the BC forest industry and still look forward to more productive years, even though he just turned 65 last summer. 

Erynn Tomlinson

Erynn’s first professional track was graphic design, which over the years morphed into web development, print design, user interaction design and mobile design. Currently she is an industry leader in User Experience design. She was also a professionally certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist for 10 years and has dabbled in stunt work, with a niche in inline skating.

Merging her background in software design with her love of nature, Erynn founded EyeLoveBirds in 2014 as a passion project and continues to drive it forward. The goal of EyeLoveBirds is to use technology to increase the awareness of the natural world in the young connected crowd. Erynn’s vision is that birding (and nature loving) will become so common and ubiquitous in the new rising generation, that conservational behaviours will be the norm.