Eco Detectives Summer Day Camps for Kids 2016


Stanley Park Ecology Society’s summer day camps for kids run weekly July through August.Summer Day Camps for Kids

Back by popular demand, Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) is offering summer day camps for kids ages 7 to 11. Embark on an exciting educational adventure amongst the giant trees, sandy beaches and hidden wetlands of Stanley Park. Spot wild animals like otters and beavers, have a blast splashing at the beach,and learn while spending valuable time outdoors.

Camp runs rain or shine 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Aftercare from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. is also available. We meet at the SPES office (610 Pipeline Road) then campers accompany their camp leaders into new areas of the Park to explore the forests, Beaver Lake, Lost Lagoon, the Seawall and more!

For more information about our summer day camps for kids, please contact or 604-257-6907

Please note a detailed Parent Package will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the start of camp

Summer Day Camps for Kids


Camp Fees*:


> $259/child non SPES family members

> $219/child SPES family members

> $49/week Aftercare

*Week 5 has a $40 discount because of long weekend.

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See below for the description of each week’s camp:


Forest Explorers Summer Day Camps for Kids

Photo Credit: Brian Grover

Week 1: Forest Explorers (July 4 – 8)

During this action-packed week discover the plants and animals that live in the life-supporting forests of Stanley Park. Campers will play games and activities to learn about how organisms rely on one another to survive. Do trees eat salmon? How do birds help plants spread their seeds? The forest is a wondrous place with many exciting mysteries just waiting to be explored!

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Secret Life of Plants Summer Day Camps for Kids

Photo Credit: Kara Powers

Week 2: Secret Life of Plants (July 11 – 15)

Plants that can lure and eat insects?  Others that can blast their seeds at 100km/hr?! Discover the wonderful and bizarre world of plants in Stanley Park. Find out if a nurse stump is really a nurse and learn how to make natural tea, play Seed Tag, and meet a special tree. Smell 100 roses in the rose garden and enjoy a group picnic among Stanley Park’s amazing array of plants.

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 Feathered Friends Summer Day Camps for Kids

Photo Credit: Don Enright

Week 3: Feathered Friends (July 18 – 22)

Do you love birds? Have you ever wondered which geese migrate to Stanley Park, or how to identify songbirds? This week our campers learn about the amazing ducks, hawks, eagles, hummingbirds, and other birds of Stanley Park. Build a bird nest box, identify eggs, and have a hoot learning all about our owls!

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  Art in Nature Summer Day Camps for Kids

Photo Credit: Michael Schmidt

 Week 4: Art in Nature (July 25 – 29)

Nature is beautiful, inspiring, and full of details, from its towering Douglas fir trees to its tiny, colourful insects! Campers will have fun exploring Stanley Park and examining the natural beauty of its sounds, sights and smells. Tap into nature’s design and your own creativity for a week of inspiring art projects.

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Animal Detectives Summer Day Camps for Kids

Photo Credit: Don Enright

 Week 5: Animal Detectives (August 2 – 5)*

How can you tell what owls have eaten? Why are salmon important to a forest? Sharpen your investigative animal detective skills and find out! This week our campers explore the habits and habitats of Stanley Park’s birds, mammals and more. 

*Discount week because of long weekend. No Day Camp on Monday, August 1

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 Stanley Park Survivors

Photo Credit: Anthony Ho 

Week 6: Stanley Park Survivors (August 8 – 12)

Put stewardship and sustainability on your radar! This fun-filled week is full of exciting activities that will teach campers outdoor survivor skills and “Leave No Trace” camping principles. Become an urban camper for a week and learn to shrink your camping footprint to boot! Register to become a Stanley Park Survivor!

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 Water Wilderness Summer Day Camps for Kids

Photo Credit: Brian Grover

Week 7: Water Wilderness (August 15 – 19)

What do salmon, beavers, eagles, and cattails all have in common? Water! They are all part of our aquatic landscape. In this action-packed week, campers explore Stanley Park’s beaches, creeks, and other wetland environments. We’ll learn about the intertidal zones, take a trip to Beaver Lake, and identify wetland birds.

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Junior Forest Rangers Summer Day Camps for Kids

Photo Credit: Robyn Worcester

Week 8: Junior Forest Rangers (August 22 – 26)

Become a Junior Forest Ranger and identify our local trees, learn orienteering skills, basic forest survival skills, and wildlife footprint identification. Discover how air, water, fire, and earth affect Stanley Park’s forest during this week of woodland festivities.

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