Awaiting the Return

Right now, our Pacific great blue herons are on their winter foraging grounds outside of the Park. They can be … More

Winter Pairings in the Park

Baby it’s cold outside… For most animals, the winter is all about survival. It’s a time when days are short … More

What’s This?

What big fangs you have! Or, are they fangs?…Can you guess what sort of an organism you are seeing in … More

Prime Time for Bird Watchers

For some of us, the first snow or the endless Vancouver rain are the signs that we’ve reached winter, but … More

Christmas Bird Count Results

It was a foggy Saturday morning when organisers and volunteers, parents, and two dozen children gathered in our wide-windowed Salmonberry … More

Photo: Michael Schmidt / SPES

Bats and our “Belfry”

The roof of the Stanley Park Dining Pavilion will be replaced over the next few months. What does that mean … More

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