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Stanley Park’s Beautiful Bog

If you asked people what habitats Stanley Park is famous for they might suggest forest, rocky shorelines, lakes and even … More

BioBlitz the Park!

Ever wonder what animals are living in the tree tops of Stanley Park?  How about under the waves just off … More

What’s This?

A cache of skulls? Could this be the leftovers from a feast for crows…?  You are looking at the contents … More

School Programs Wrap Up

Thanks to all teachers who booked with us for the 2016/17 school year! With your help we delivered: 224 field trips to … More

The Strife with Loosestrife

Winning the battle against Lythrum salicaria: Purple loosestrife, a highly invasive riparian invasive species in our region, has plagued the habitats … More

Summer at the Nature House

On a rainy spring weekday, the entire Public Education & Outreach team undertook “The Great Nature House Cleanup”—mounting new walls, … More

Giant and Dangerous!

Giant hogweed is a harmful invasive plant that exists in a few managed locations in Stanley Park. The fast-growing perennial … More

Parks Canada & SPES Team Up

This past May, seven Parks Canada ecologists from all over Canada paid a visit to SPES while in town for … More

Heron Chicks in a Flap

Great blue heron chicks typically start fledging–and leaving the nests–after about 60 days.  Some of the oldest chicks in the … More

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