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Image © Martin Passchier

What’s an IBA?

By Krista Kaptein (IBA Coordinator) and Vanessa Sadler (SPES Conservation Projects Manager) 2018 has been declared Year of the Bird … More

Eagles Nesting in Stanley Park

The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is a conservation success story with populations recovering in urban and rural habitats across the … More

Coyotes Hit Facebook

Coyotes are extremely social animals.  They live in family groups and have about a dozen different known vocalizations used to … More

They’re Nearly Here!

The Stanley Park Pacific great blue herons are due to return any day now.  We are ready for them!  The … More

Beaver Gets Back

This young beaver found himself in saltwater after allegedly being hit by a car in Stanley Park, then chased into … More

Let Sleeping Bats Lie

Bats don’t always hang upside down. Roofers replacing the roof of Stanley Park’s Dining Pavilion found this little silver haired … More

If you can’t beat it….

And the beat goes on…and on….As the incessant hammering and sawing over our office continues with roof replacement at the … More

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