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Image © Martin Passchier

Condos in Stanley Park

With bee populations in decline throughout British Columbia and beyond, SPES is helping to protect one of Stanley Park’s most … More

Celebrating Solstice in Style

In the midst of a bewildering cold snap and more snow than Vancouver could handle, the Stanley Park Ecology Society … More

What’s this?

This hairy leg belongs to… …a crane fly! What you see here is the tibia of one of their six … More

Taxidermy Trot!

Throughout the year, a great horned owl, a northern pygmy owl, and a common merganser are just a few of … More


This Valentine’s Day, give your beloved a memorable and unique Stanley Park experience…for free! There’s nothing more romantic than a … More

Coyotes Couple Up

Winter is upon us.  As we humans hunker down indoors with a warm beverage and a blanket during the long … More

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