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Tiny swallows, big flight!

Swallows will soon be landing in Stanley Park to breed. Violet-green Swallows, who return to their nesting grounds much earlier … More

What’s This?

Is it animal or plant? Alive or not? If you guessed a bryozoan, you are correct! This is a kelp-encrusting … More

Earth Day blows in!

Those who came out for our Stanley Park Earth Day Celebration on April 27 were literally blown away by the … More

How are the herons?

We are now at week #12 of the heron breeding season in Stanley Park, and the chicks continue to grow at an … More

Batting for bats!

It is bat survey season again! The SPES conservation team and volunteers collaborating with BC Community Bat Program (BCCBP) ( … More

Bugs rate water quality in Stanley Park

SPES’s Conservation Technician Meghan Cooling has been busy in Stanley Park’s streams this spring searching for aquatic invertebrates. These spineless … More

Spring Break Eco Camps

This Spring Break, two groups of enthusiastic campers took on an exciting and educational adventure in Stanley Park. SPES led … More

April 17: Love a bat!

Bat Appreciation Day occurs annually on April 17th.  April is a great time of the year to observe bats, as they … More

You otter see beavers!

During March, SPES is hosting evening guided walks to offer a glimpse of the beavers in Stanley Park. Guests will … More

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