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Image © Martin Passchier

Join Our Board!

The Stanley Park Ecology Society Board of Directors is seeking qualified and interested members with Board experience who are interested … More

We’re All About Birds This Summer!

We are celebrating all things bird alongside the International Ornithological Congress and Vancouver International Bird Festival on August 19-26, 2018.  … More

Beautiful but Deadly

The flashy blooms of yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus) rim Lost Lagoon and Beaver Lake at this time of year…but … More

When You Find a Baby Bird…

Summer is here filled with warm weather, delicious berries, and young fledglings hopping on the ground.  For many species of … More

Meet Your Stanley Park Hosts

Throughout July and August the Park fills up with visitors and knowledgeable volunteers to answer all their burning ecology-based questions! … More

Wild Pups and Safe Pets

Right now, coyotes living across Vancouver are giving birth to a new litter of pups in their dens.   Greg Hart, … More

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