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Volunteer Profile

Tara Gregor

Assistant to SPES Volunteer Coordinator

Tara photo (2)

Tara at work keeping SPES organized!

Tara Gregor is a self-confessed nature lover but at SPES she does not spend her time out in the field. Instead she helps manage information for SPES’s Volunteer Coordinator, Julie, keeping track of thousands of volunteer hours and making sure the volunteer programs run smoothly.

All of SPES’s projects from bird monitoring to school field trips rely on volunteers so keeping track of this army of helpers is important work.

It’s been more than six months since Tara first joined SPES and she’s quickly become a key member of the team.

“Work BC told me about the volunteer opportunity. I’ve always loved nature so it sounded great. I applied in August last year and I’ve been here ever since. I mainly enter volunteer data to make sure we keep a track of everyone’s hours and the projects they’ve been working on. I also help out the School Programs and Conservation teams keep their information up to date.”

“Being a volunteer has been helpful for me because I want to work with data, so what I do with SPES adds to my CV and will hopefully help me land a job in the future.”

“The SPES staff have been very friendly and willing to help me.”

Although Tara is from BC and used to regularly visit the Park, the idea of volunteering was something new.

“I used to come to the Park to walk and enjoy the nature but I never knew that you could volunteer here.  Now that I know how much work goes into protecting the Park, I definitely look at it differently.”

“If you like nature and want to help protect the Park, then SPES is a great place to volunteer. It’s flexible so I can manage family responsibilities with volunteering. The Park is also such a pleasant place to work, whatever the time of year you know there will be something interesting to see and as a mum it’s reassuring to know that SPES is working to protect it for the future.”


Profile by Ben Hill, SPES Communications Volunteer