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Photo: Greg Hart/SPES

Support the Stanley Park Ecology Society by adopting a symbolic heron nest!

A nest adoption is $54, which will be active until 1 year after your donation. This supports conservation work around the amazing Great Blue Herons and their habitat within Stanley Park. A nest adoption is a perfect present for family members, co-workers or friends. Adopt a nest yourself to help sustain protections around wildlife at risk in Stanley Park.


Why do herons need our help?

Although the Stanley Park heronry is thriving, Great Blue Herons are a Species at Risk. Nearly 80% of all great blue herons in BC are found in and around the Fraser River Delta. This means the productivity of this one heronry has implications for the viability of the subspecies as a whole. This vulnerable species needs protection, understanding, and community support if it is to survive the increasing urban development of the region.

In recent years, Great Blue Herons have nested in unprecedented numbers in Stanley Park, and visitors can observe over 100 nests in 25 trees. The Stanley Park Ecology Society’s staff and volunteers have been monitoring their success in raising chicks, enhancing their habitat in the Park, and providing colony information to city officials, local residents and visitors.


Adopt a Heron Nest packages include:

  • A Certificate of Adoption
  • Printed information about Stanley Park’s great blue herons
  • Updates on the status of the heron colony and your nest throughout the season
  • An annual heronry report
  • A tour for the adopter and a friend of the heronry during a Discovery Walk offered each spring and summer
  • An “I Adopted A Nest” button

If you are looking to adopt a nest as a Christmas gift, please register before December 15th to allow us time to take payment and deliver to you or your recipient in time. Any adoptions received after December 15th will be sent in the new year.

For any questions, call us at (604) 257-6908 ext. 104, or e-mail us.