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Programs at Your School

*NEW*Green Space Programs

Let SPES come to your school! Although we offer schools outdoor field trips year-round, we understand that due to COVID-19, transportation may be a barrier to getting your students outside. We will bring props to green spaces near your school and engage your students in an immersive outdoor experience. Starting January 2021!

You can reserve your program online.

Please check with your school administration on their policy associated with working with external educators in an outdoors context for the month you book. Also note, these policies may change to be more or less restrictive over time, and we understand that. We have a 100% refund cancellation policy associated with COVID-19 safety requests from your school. Thank you for that consideration and we hope you can join us outdoors!

Program Fees

For the 2020-2021 school year, the fees are as follows:

  • 1.5 hour program: $215 for up to 25 students
  • 2 hour program: $285 for up to 25 students

Pilot pricing, subject to change

Green Space Programs 

Nature Detectives (Grades K-3)

Photo: Don Enright / SPES

Photo: Don Enright / SPES

Discover the hidden secrets and stories of the forest in this sensory journey through nature.

Awaken your senses as you explore the temperate rainforest. Find tiny life forms with magnifiers, meet bugs, feed trees, and transform into a bat while learning how all of these forest elements are connected.

One-and-a-half-hour program for students in grade K-3. Can be adapted for pre-K.

Beautiful Bats (Grades K-3)

Photo: Michael Schmidt / SPES

Photo: Michael Schmidt / SPES

Discover the many wonders of the only mammal that can fly. Find out how bats live, hunt, echolocate and adapt to their habitat using their unique bodies. Because bats are nocturnal, we will not see any live bats during the program. Instead, we will explore their habitat with unique props and activities. Bats really are beautiful; learn why in this interactive forest adventure.

One-and-a-half-hour program for grade K-3.

Seasons and Cycles (Grades K-3)

Discover the amazing ways that plants and animals have adapted to the Earth’s natural cycles. In this program we will look at seasonal shifts and changes, the impact the sun and moon have on Earth, and the metamorphic life cycles of animals. We will learn how these cycles impact our lives, and how we can help preserve these natural cycles.

Grade 2 and 3 students will dive into the water cycle to discover nature’s way of recycling water. Kindergarten and grade 1 students will focus on the interconnectedness of living things, as we see how nutrients are cycled through a community.

One-and-a-half hour program for students in grades K-3.

Forest Fundamentals (Grades 4-7)

Photo: Don Enright / SPES

Photo: Don Enright / SPES












The lush temperate rainforest is diverse, abundant and full of interconnected species. Engage all of your senses to piece together the story of forest dwelling plants and animals and their important roles in the web of life.

Two-hour program for students in grade 4-7.

Beach Explorers (Grades K-7) *Spring only

Photo: Brian Grover / SPES

Photo: Brian Grover / SPES

Low tide offers us a glimpse at fascinating animals and plants that have adapted to life in and out of the sea.  Hunt for crabs, sort seaweeds, and find out what else lives or eats on the seashore, while students discover important human connections to the oceans.

Beach Explorers is a tide-dependent program and is available in spring between April and June.  Please contact us for available dates.

For grades K-3, Beach Explorers is a one-and-a-half-hour program.

For grades 4-7, Beach Explorers is a two-hour program.


The following programs are unavailable in the 2020-2021 school year due to Covid-19. 

For Your Class

1 hour

November – March

$189 for up to 25 students

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For Your School

30 minutes

All year round

$225 for up to 350 students

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Our Living Planet (Grades K-1) Paul-Colangelo-4-216x144Coyotes 101 (Grades K-7)
salmon michael schmidtSalmon Forest (Grades 2-3)  

Our Living Planet (Grades K-1)

Meet Rachel Raccoon, an urban dweller who wants to get back to her wild roots.

Young students will learn about the needs of plants and animals through creative storytelling, imaginative play and interacting with educational props. Join us and discover how our personal actions contribute to healthy ecosystems.

For grades K-1, Our Living Planet is $189.00 for a one hour program for up to 25 students.  Can be adapted for pre-k as well.

Download Our Living Planet Teacher Information Package for information on curriculum connections, preparing for the program and more.

salmon michael schmidt

Salmon Forest (Grades 2-3)

Help Zorbo, a visitor form the planet Zorbonia, discover the amazing connections between salmon and our forests.

How do salmon help the soil and trees? How do they know which stream to return to? Play salmon lottery, dress like a tree and find out how salmon contribute to healthy food webs.

For grades 2-3, Salmon Forest is $189 for a one hour program for up to 25 students.

Download the Salmon Forest Teacher Information Package for information on curriculum connections, preparing for the program and more.