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Co-Existing with Coyotes relies on reports from people like you to help us track and assess coyote behaviour in Vancouver. All reports are kept anonymous, your name and address will not appear on our online sightings map. Your report will appear on our map within a few days thanks to the generous time spent by our volunteers.

Please note that we are only able to provide additional support and educational materials to reporters from partner municipalities which currently include Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, and Richmond.

Please fill the form and then pin the location on the map.

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* Will only record as such if observed first-hand by the reporter. Aggressive behavior includes: A fixed gaze with LOWERED head and ears folded BACK, a tense ready-to-pounce body position with raised hackles, bearing teeth and growling.


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Mail-outs reserved for program partner municipalities: Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and West Vancouver

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