Co-Existing with Coyotes


Co-Existing with Coyotes is a SPES program that aims to reduce conflict between people, pets and coyotes. Established in 2001, in cooperation with the Vancouver Park Board and BC’s Ministry of Environment, it is the longest standing coyote co-existence program in North America. It continues to grow and serve people, pets, and coyotes through public and school presentations, park signage, brochures, emails, and an information phone line answered 7 days a week.

Have you had a coyote encounter recently?

Help us  track coyote behaviour by reporting your sighting using our online coyote sighting report form or calling 604-681-WILD/9453.

Coyotes are well adapted to living in cities. They are naturally scared of people, but can become bold and aggressive if fed.

With a few simple actions, we can help reduce conflicts between people, pets and coyotes.

  • Be Big, Brave, and Loud – Scaring coyotes helps them retain a natural fear of people.
  • Never Feed Coyotes – Coyotes that are fed by people can become bold and aggressive, and may have to be destroyed.

  • Pet Safety – Keep dogs on a leash and cats indoors, especially at night.

  • Spread the Word – Report your sightings, tell your neighbours about co-existing, and put up posters in your neighbourhood.

Coyote Awareness Information

  • Understanding Urban Coyotes – Life history information and facts about urban coyotes.
  • How to Co-exist – Detailed tips on removing attractants, scaring coyotes, pet safety, and resources to spread the word to make your community coyote safe.
  • School Programs – Register your school for a Coyote 101 program today!
  • Community Outreach Programs – Outreach programs for community groups, workplaces, and public events.
  • Sightings Map – An interactive map showing coyote activity as reported by people like you in Vancouver
  • Coyote Awareness Resource Package – materials and information for starting a coyote monitoring and education program in your community

For more information, please contact coyotes(at) or call 604-681-9453. If a coyote displays aggressive or threatening behaviour report immediately to the BC Ministry of Environment Emergency call centre at 1-877-952-7277.