Co-Existing with Coyotes


coyote in vancouver

Have you had a coyote encounter recently?

Help us  track coyote behaviour by reporting your sighting using our online coyote sighting report form, call 604-681-WILD/9453. If they display aggressive or threatening behaviour report immediately to the BC Ministry of Environment Emergency call centre at 1-877-952-7277.

Coyotes are well adapted to urban environments and have made Vancouver their home since they first arrived in the 1980’s. Now they are a permanent fixture in the urban landscape, and can often be seen in parks, school grounds, golf courses and neighbourhoods of Vancouver. They are naturally afraid of people but they learn to be comfortable when they are not treated like wildlife, and can become aggressive.

With three simple actions, you can help reduce conflicts between people, pets and coyotes.

  • Be Big, Brave, and Loud – if you see a coyote scare it, it is the most effective way to keep people, pets and coyotes safe
  • Never Feed – human food is not healthy for coyotes but like any dog, they will eat what you give to them. Deliberate feeding is the sole cause of aggressive behaviour which is why it is illegal under the provincial wildlife act to attract coyotes, if you see someone feeding a coyote please report it.

  • Spread the Word – tell your neighbours about co-existing, put up posters in your neighbourhood, and report your coyote sightings 

Coyote Awareness Information

Co-Existing with Coyotes is a SPES program that aims to reduce conflict between people, pets and coyotes. Established in 2001, in cooperation with the Vancouver Park Board and BC’s Ministry of Environment, it is the longest standing coyote co-existence program in North America, and continues to grow and serve people, pets, and coyotes through public and school presentations, park signage, brochures and an information phone line answered 7 days a week.

Please contact coyotes(at) or call 604-681-9453 to find out more.