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The State of Ecological Integrity in Stanley Park

stanley park ecology reportIn December 2006, Stanley Park was struck by a major windstorm resulting in substantial disturbance – with 10,000 trees snapping or falling to the ground. The storm triggered the need for extensive restoration work and raised awareness about the lack of ecological information available for the Park and the need for an assessment of its ecological integrity.

For these reasons, the State of the Park Report for the Ecological Integrity of Stanley Park (SOPEI) was created by the Stanley Park Ecology Society based on similar reports created by Parks Canada for National Parks. This report however, was designed with a stronger focus on the ecological aspects and a more detailed biophysical inventory section. 

SOPEI Report – the objectives

The purpose of the SOPEI report is to serve as a sound contribution for a future Stanley Park Master Plan and provide a step towards the long-term maintenance and restoration of the Park’s ecological health and biodiversity by:

  • Establishing a framework to assess the current state of ecological integrity
  • Describing what is happening with respect to the Park’s major ecosystems and the potential stressors acting on them
  • Identifying gaps in ecological knowledge


State of the Park Report for the Ecological Integrity of Stanley Park (SOPEI) (1029 downloads)


SOPEI (summary report) (782 downloads)

The appendices