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Rory Wallace

Rory Wallace, PhD, professor emeritus at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, looks forward to being a part of SPES. He has taught, among other things, ecological design about the relationship of people to their physical and cultural surroundings. He most recently taught “Zoos: Captivating Animals” at SFU about humans, animals, and the natural.

As a teacher/professor, he collaborated in making a large organization function effectively in a complex educational world. That work included organizing and developing facilities, faculty, and equipment for artists and designers in a fast-changing field. As Dept Head, Curriculum Committees, Faculty Association President, etc., he aware how difficult job can be. Especially, he knows and values the crucial role of the community of leaders and volunteers that are an essential part of any success.

He is a supporter of Georgia Strait Alliance, West Coast Environmental Law, National Conversancy of Canada, and BC Stroke Recovery Assoc.

He is a local, a Vancouverite, so he learned swimming, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, and camping in the local landscape. SPES later became an important part of this education: he’s pulled ivy, searched for coyotes, counted swallows and bats, attended drawn skulls (badly), and much more.

Rory hopes to bring to the SPES board a readiness to consider many points of view.